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Posts for Fun

What is your love style?

2008 August 15

Psychologists have identified three behavioral systems that govern our experience of love : Caregiving, Attachment and Sexual Attraction. Knowing how you experience and show love can help you understand your relationships better. So we built a test to help you discover your own unique love style...

Porn For Women, a wry look at what women really want

2008 July 31

What really turns women on? The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative think they know..

Test your level of emotional disconnection

2008 July 28

Are you emotionally disconnected or just introverted? Does your life mission put you on a path to success or is it alienating you from the people who love you? Are you headed for the emotional deadness of Oblivion?. Take our test and find out.

Fun Love Tests

2008 July 15

Romance is a serious business. That's why we created these love tests so we could relax and have some fun once in a while. As Kojak used to say "Who loves ya baby?"

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