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Posts for Daily Romance

Write a love letter

2008 July 17

When was the last time you wrote your partner a love letter? Writing a love letter doesn't have to be difficult and it can have a huge impact on your love.

Romance Reminder service at Rominder.com

2008 July 06

Rominder.com has a service for romantic reminders...

Appreciate your partner for who they are

2008 June 13

How do you communicate your appreciation for your partner? How specific are you? Do you say "You're so good looking" or do you go for a more specific compliment that shows you're appreciating them for who they are?

How Well do you know your partner?

2008 March 29

Psychologists agree that lasting romantic relationships have a foundation of great friendship. How well do you know your partner? How entwined are your lives?

John Gottman can assess your marriage in 5 minutes

2008 March 22

John Gottman says that he can tell with 91% accuracy whether your relationship will last or end in divorce. How does he do it? Simple, he listens to the way you argue...

A system for romance

2008 March 19

Can you have a system for Romance? Do we follow scripts that govern our romantic lives? What destination is your romantic autopilot set to?

Men who share chores get their reward

2008 March 11

Research shows that men who take a fair share in domestic chores reap the benefits of greater happiness and more intimacy with their partners.

You get romantic, she gets suspicious

2008 March 01

You start getting more romantic. Does she like it? Well yes, but she's also very suspicious. What are you after? What have you done?

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