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How Well do you know your partner?

29 March 2008

According to psychologists Friendship is one of the most important qualities in any romantic relationship that hopes to stand the test of time.

There is a lot said about men and women wanting different things but when asked both men and women overwhelmingly agree that friendship is very important to their relationship. As one psychologist said, "So much for Mars and Venus!"

In our busy lives it can be very hard to find the time for friendship with our partners. Friendship? We're too busy earning a living, running the kids to school, studying, doing housework... In fact, we may be too busy being committed to each other and our families to have time to work on our friendship.

This problem is so typical of married couples that they made the Gameshow Mr & Mrs based around it. The basic premise of the show was pretty simple : Ask a couple to answer questions about each other and reward those who get all the answers correct with the big prize. In the USA the Newlywed game was based on the same kind of idea except that it tended toward more questions about "making whoopee" than did Mr & Mrs in the UK and Canada.

How well do you know your partner?

Here are some sample questions, see how you do :

  • What is your partners shoe size?
  • What is your partners favorite food?
  • Who was your partners best friend growing up?
  • What is your partners favorite song?
  • If your partner could speak one extra language fluently, what would it be?
  • If they weren't with you, what film star would your partner like to be with?
  • What flavor toothpaste does your partner prefer?
  • If your partner could go anywhere on vacation, where would they want to go?
  • Is there something worrying your partner right now? What is it?
  • What is your partners favorite flower?
  • In a bar, what would your partner order?
  • What is your partners favorite movie?
  • What is your partners favorite party game?
  • Does your partner have allergies? What to?

Obviously, knowing your partners shoe size is no guarantee that you share a great friendship. The point is not that you know a bunch of facts about your partner but that you have your finger on the pulse of their lives, that you are involved and aware. But, if you were passing a shoe store, would you be able to identify a pair of shoes that he or she would love and know what size to buy? When we understand our partners wants and needs we are in a much better position to make them happy.

Psychologists believe that friendship is the bedrock of our romantic relationships. When life gets difficult our relationships are often tested. Those relationships that have a strong component of friendship always come out the best.


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