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Romantic Meteor Shower August 12 2008

29 July 2008

Watching shooting stars with your partner on a clear, cloudless night is probably in all of our top ten lists of most romantic outings. There's nothing like a natural firework show to renew our sense of wonder but it can be difficult to know when is a good time to see a shooting star, staying up all night and seeing nothing at all might dampen your romantic late night.

The good news is that our planet and the dust trail left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle are about to collide, promising those of us with cloudless skies a fantastic light show as all that dust burns itself up in our atmosphere. This meteor shower is called the Perseid Meteor Shower since it appears to come from star constellation Perseus and astronomers believe it could be spectacular this year.

The display should start somewhere around August 11th (depending on your location) and reach it's peak on August 12th.

The best views will be away from the bright lights of the city so pack a picnic and a couple of sleeping bags and head for the country with your loved one. But plan ahead, since a cloudy sky might ruin all the fun, pack a back-up romantic activity such as a book of love poetry and some champagne.

You can read more about the Perseid Meteor Shower, including show-times at SpaceDaily.com


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