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Test your level of emotional disconnection

28 July 2008

Remember Dr Herb Goldberg? We wrote about his theories of Externalization, Disconnection and Oblivion in Why arn't men more emotional?.

Dr Goldberg believes that some people (especially men) become emotionally withdrawn as they pursue their own "higher goals" such as success, power or even noble pursuits like charity work.

Signs of disconnection include:

  • Lack of real friendships, never calling anyone "just to chat"
  • A desire to win all the time in sports
  • Purpose driven activities (cannot relax, must be doing something)
  • Disinterest in other people unless they are "useful" to the life mission
  • Valuing logic and reason over feelings
  • Irritation at disruptions
  • Long hours spent alone watching TV or reading to "recharge"

We all experience some of those things from time to time but Dr Goldberg describes a life path where these symptoms become extreme.

So how do you know if you're Disconnected or just an Introvert?

Simple, take our test (but remember, we're not psychologists so we're offering entertainment here not diagnosis!)


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