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Fun Love Tests

15 July 2008


At AutomaticRomantic we think that love, relationships and romance are a serious business.

Which is exactly why we've got a whole section of our site dedicated to fun and specifically love tests. Romance isn't supposed to be all that serious, it's supposed to be fun.

We offer a variety of love tests, kind of based on numerology, well as much as any internet-based love test is based on real numerology - which is to say not much beyond the fact that numbers are involved. We can at least say that no numbers are harmed in the making of our love tests although they do get shuffled around a little.

We were kind of bored with the traditional compatibility score. What does a 67% compatibility rating mean anyway? No, no, we need more detail. So all of our love tests break compatibility down into scores for Emotional, Financial and Sexual compatibilitym along with (hopefully amusing) commentary.

First up we have our standard his-name, her-name type lovetest. Enter two names and the system will calculate your compatibility scores.

But what if you have too many admirers and want to test each of them? In that case you want our name compatibility test. Enter your name and then as many additional names as you like (one per line) and get a score for each of those names. Really useful on a friday night when you're judging competing offers for dates.

Finally we have our find your perfect mate name tests for boys and girls name testing. Use these tests when you 're not currently involved with anyone but want to know what names you should be on the lookout for.

Have fun!


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