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What is your love style?

15 August 2008

When it comes to love, how we feel it and how we express it are based on three distinct behavioral systems : Caregiving (doing things for our partner, looking after them), Attachment (being close, doing things together) and Sexual Attraction (passion, sex, desire).

Although we all experience the effect of these three systems, each one of us has a unique balance of the three. Some of us want more physical closeness (attachment), others show their love by doing things for us. The balance of these systems can change over the lifetime of a relationship but in general we have our ways of showing love that seem to be in-built.

So how do you know what your unique love-style is?

Of course, it's simple, you take our Love Style Test!

We'll be writing more about love styles and what it means for your relationship in a future installment. For now, enjoy the test.


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