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What is your love style? Take our test and find out!

Think about all the relationships you have had in the past and then answer the questions below - each time choosing the answer that is closest to how you have felt about all your partners. The results will show your unique love style : how important the elements of Caregiving, Attachment and Sexual Attraction are you to.

Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
I long to touch you
I feel anxious when you are away
If I couldn't support you I would feel bad
I want you to comfort me
I enjoy supporting you
You are like a drug to me
I am lonely when you are gone
I think about you all the time
I feel stronger when you are near me
I want to take care of you
I need you to support me
I feel powerfully attracted to you
I feel really alive when you are with me
Doing things for you makes me happy
You make me feel secure
Caring for you makes me feel complete
I feel complete when you are with me
Helping you is really important to me
Sometimes my body seems to ache for you
I want to make you happy
I want to lose myself in you

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