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Are you Emotionally Disconnected? A Test.

In his book What Men Still Don't Know About Women, Relationships, and Love Dr Herb Goldberg describes the stages of Externalization, Disconnection and Oblivion which he believes many people, especially men, experience in their lives.

These stages describe a process of switching away from relationships in the pursuit of success, power or "truth". Dr Goldberg provides a number of signs that identify people who are on this journey to an end state that he calls Oblivion where we believe everything has it's price and that we can buy everything we need, including relationships.

Are you on the road to Oblivion? How Externalized or Disconnected are you? Take this test and find out.

Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly
Strong people are very trusting
It is dangerous to be reliant on others
I draw strength from solitude
My partner talks too much
When lost I always ask directions
I constantly need new challenges
When I am hurting I find inner-resources of strength
I need people
I always seem to be talking to close friends
You have to be cruel to be kind sometimes
I love to go out and meet new people
I believe in mind-over-matter
Sometimes my need for sex feels overwhelming
When talking with people I get easily distracted
I need my own space to relax
I see my best friend nearly every day
I am a self-made person
I play games to have fun, winning isn't that important
Sometimes it is better not to know the truth
I have sound judgement, I am rarely wrong
Being around people relaxes me
Taking risks makes me feel really alive
Distractions irritate me
Sometimes it is better to go on gut-feel than hard data
People interest me more than abstract concepts like "truth"
If people were smarter, many of the worlds problems would go away
Being around people energizes me
Success = freedom
When I get sick I always go to the doctor
I love talking with people
When I am angry I withdraw to think things over
I would rather rely on people than go it alone
I sometimes get mystery aches and pains
I don't like sports that I am not good at
I am in control of my life
I get bored easily

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