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Google loves my dead blog..Why?

One from the this-is-strange department.

In 2006 I started a blog on a very niche subject. The kind of niche that doesn't attract significant advertising and which is of very little interest to the average person. My last post to that blog was around the start of 2006 so really it's a dead blog. Nothing happening.

But I keep track of the stats for that blog and all my other web-projects at statcounter.com which frankly I like better than google analytics for the simple reason that it's fast and doesn't get too clever. GA is a great product I'm sure but I've always found it painfully slow.

Anyway, look at traffic pattern for my dead, very-niche blog:

dead blog growth

At first I thought the explanation would be that some high traffic site had posted a link to the blog but when I look at the logs it's all google. Maybe google changed their ranking method and I ended up a winner? Even so, why continual growth? I would have expected a sudden spike up to a greater level of traffic and then a kind of leveling off but I don't see that.

It's all very puzzling. What does it mean?


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