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The Meaning of Flowers

Have you ever wondered why Red Roses are sent on Valentines Day?

The ancient art of floriography (The Language Of Flowers) is said to have been imported to the West from Persia by King Charles II in the 17th Century. During the Victorian era the practice underwent a revival, allowing straitlaced Victorians to send their friends and lovers the subtle messages that protocol would not allow them to speak aloud.

Red Roses, speaking of true love are a perfect fit for a Valentines gift but flowers can say so much more. Choose from some of these other floral ideas.

Of roses :

RedTrue Love
WhiteInnocence, pure love
Coral (orange)Desire, Passion
Yellow Dying love, friendship
BlueMystery, Impossible love
Burgundy (Red with tinge of purple)Beauty
Light PinkDesire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy
PinkGentleness, Happiness
Dark PinkGratitude
Lavender / Violet Love at first sight
Black (actually very dark red)Tragic romance

Other flowers with romantic meanings...

DaffodilUnrequited love
Forget-me-notTrue love
Honeysuckle Devoted Affection
Lime Blossom Fornication
Morning Glory Love in vain
Star of BethlehemReconciliation
Blue VioletFaithfulness
Red TulipDeclaration of love
Yellow TulipHopeless love

While love and romance are especially associated with roses, it really helps to vary your approach. Your wife or girlfriend may never tire of receiving roses but tulips, violets and forget-me-nots may send her a message that touches her heart. Practice your floriography!


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