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Technology and Love : 7 Romance Boosters

Is work sucking up your life? Can't get away from email? Calendar so full you have to schedule bathroom breaks? Sometimes it seems that the technology that was supposed to make our lives easier has instead destroyed all our personal time. You can turn it around! Here are seven ways to use those same technologies to keep your romance alive.

1. Schedule Romantic time

Is your work calendar booked with meetings 8-6? Colleagues taking every available slot? Booking you meetings in different time zones? Take some time back. Schedule some time for your partner, whether it's 30 minutes to have a quick phone chat in a private conference room or an hour to write them an old-fashioned love letter. Schedule a little time every week for your relationship, mark it as busy on the calendar and use it to invest in your relationship. This isn't stealing from your employer, it's payback for all the time you spend answering email from home in your pyjamas.

2. Leave a voicemail

Can't schedule a time with your partner when you're both available to talk? Leave a voicemail. If you think the message could be overheard (and you'd rather it wasn't) then consider starting your message with a disclaimer "Hello, this is a private message for X..." that gives your partner time to hit the mute button before your intimate message gets broadcast via speakerphone!

3. Text them

Billions of text messages get sent each year. Was one of them your private message of love? Text messages are a great way to "ping" your partner and let them know that they are in your thoughts. You can tap out a text message in a few seconds and the 160 character limit means that you'll never get a complaint about not being chatty. Text like a teen " LUV U C U L8R" or like a thumb-boarding executive "Cant wait 2 get you alone". However you choose to do it, it's easy so just do it! If you can't type on that teeny phone keyboard most cell providers offer a web interface to send text messages from the web browser on your PC.

The great thing about text messages is that they are both private and immediate. Know that she's going into an important meeting at 2PM? Text her a good luck message. Know he's in a really dull meeting right now? Text him something that will make him laugh or otherwise spice up his dull day.

4. Send an email

Less formal than a paper letter and more formal than a text message. It's easy to think of email as a business tool but it was invented by academics who wanted to communicate with the professor in the next building or next country without picking up the phone. You can do better than emailing a dry scientific paper. The one liners are and easy place to start: "thinking of you" and you can work up to short-love letters "Can't stop thinking about you. Last night was amazing..." But be careful about any kind of electronic communication using work computers. The boss may be reading too. Some estimates say that 50% of work-related email is read by someone else and the privacy of your emails is not guaranteed. Never put anything in an email that you would be ashamed to see pinned to a bulletin board or shared with your co-workers. When it comes to email be Victorian in your approach : Prim and proper on the outside but with your passionate, romantic side bubbling fiercely on the inside.

5. Build them a tribute website

Surprise and thrill your partner by changing their browser homepage to the tribute website your built at "i-love-your partners name here.com? Impossible? Not at all. Even if you know nothing about web design, don't worry. The tools to build web pages are easy to use and often come bundled with a years rent of the domain name. It is now easy to quickly assemble a great looking website. A quick web search will turn up many providers on the web who can offer you a domain name (the www.your partners name here.com part), web-space (to store the text and images you use to build your pages) and all the online help and tools required to build your own digital fan-site for as little as $20.

6. Make a love certificate

Many companies provide training for their staff and most provide a certificate of some kind of completion of the training. Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to get that template file and make your partner their very own certificate. Your partner is only a click of the print button away from being a certified "Hunkiest Husband" or "Most Beautiful Wife". Get imaginative, maybe your partner deserves a certificate for some other skill or attribute? Heed the advice about the company bulletin board, print your risqué certificates at home!

7. Order them a gift from a website

Want to get your partner a little love gift or token of affection? No idea what to get and you don't have the time to visit every shop in the mall? Let the search engines and shopping sites be your guide. Many shopping sites maintain sections for his and her gifts and these can be great inspiration. Some sites even let you add wrapping paper and a personal note for a few dollars more. Yes, this can be an expensive way to shop once you have factored in shipping and handling but what you pay for convenience you more than recoup from the smile on your partners face when they receive their surprise gifts in the mail.


Technology isn't good or bad, it's just a tool. It's easy to live our lives by the calendar and by email and end up over-stretched and over-stressed. But we can also use these same tools to give ourselves some time for romance and to keep our relationship on the right path.


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