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Simple Ways To Get Flirting Again

Remember those first dates when flirting seemed so natural and easy? Your dates felt like a whirl of lingering touches and whispered sweet nothings, leading you deeper into the glorious madness of love.

In the months and years that followed your feelings probably settled into something deeper and more comfortable and your flirting changed from something charged with excitement and adventure into something warm and companionable but not necessarily exciting.

Where did the flirting go?

Well, the good news is that it isn't lost, a little practice can bring it back and it's as fun as ever. First though, if you have got into some bad mental habits now is a good time to try to break them. Try not to see flirting as leading anywhere in particular. Flirting is an intimate practice that will make you closer to your partner and help you create more of a shared intimate life. Flirting isn't about sex, but it's encouraging to know that couples with an intimate connection share a more satisfying intimate life.

Where to flirt

Flirting is portable. You can take it anywhere. If it's been a while you might choose to start off slowly at home where your partners quizzical looks and questions of "What do you want?" can be more easily explained.

For the big payoffs though the public flirtation is most effective. There is something about being in a public place with someone who is sending all the right signals, a buildup of excitement that cannot be consummated in public can be very exciting and can lead to torrid scenes after the party. Don't say you weren't warned.

1. Silent movies. Go like Buster Keaton and mouth those 3 little words ("I LOVE YOU") to your partner next time they are out of reach. Guaranteed to raise at least a smile.

2. Touch. Children seem to relate to their brothers and sisters through playful slaps, bumps and punches. It's an expression of love but not one you should be using for your partner. You're looking for a romantic, intimate relationship so skip the playful taps to the rear and go instead for holding hands and light lingering touches. Send them a physical message that you want to be close to them. Don't grab and grope, go back to your teenage and find the excitement in any kind of intimate touch again.

3. Make eye contact. Smile. Wink. Try not to stare, this may be difficult if they are really irresistible but it can be unnerving. You want to send the message that you are romantically interested in your partner not that you are considering them for your next meal.

4. Whisper. It may sound obvious but people whisper because they don't want to be overheard. When you are dating it's usually in public places and you don't want to be overheard so whispering comes naturally. You may not need to whisper to your partner anymore but it is a very tender and intimate act that brings you very close to them. Share a secret at the next party you attend, whisper "You look fabulous" or "I can't wait to get you home" in your partners ear. Sure to have an effect if done well.

5. Text It. Partner addicted to their cell phone? Not here right now? Flirtation by text message can be a great way of reaching them wherever they are and priming them for an evening of flirtation. "Thinking of U", "Cant wait to C U". It doesn't have to be a loveletter just signal your interest in them.

Flirting as a habit

It's easy to get out of the habit of flirting but flirting is a great way to rekindle your romantic spirit and strengthen your intimate life together. We all want to know that we're loved and appreciated and what better way to express your feelings than with a little flirting excitement. Get flirting, start now!


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