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Planning your Valentines Day

Valentines Day is February the 14th this year, it was February the 14th last year. It is always February the 14th. So why do some of us forget this important date in our calendars?

The answer is of course that we get caught up in our busy lives and the date creeps up on us. But as our old Scout leader would say "By failing to plan, we are planning to fail.". Don't let this happen to you, this Valentines Day have a plan.

Every couple is different. Maybe Sweetest Day is more important to you or maybe you don't celebrate Valentines Day at all. The important thing is to meet and then exceed the expectations of your partner.

Valentines Day Cards

Assuming that you do celebrate Valentines Day, the absolute minimum is a Valentines Day card. If you are artistically inclined there is nothing better than a hand made card. The rest of us will have to purchase our cards at a store. Choosing a card can be difficult; the best advice is to choose the card that your partner will most appreciate. If your partner is sentimental don't buy a card with a humorous message. Card stores start selling Valentines Day cards several weeks before the big day so don't wait for the last minute to buy your card or your choices may be limited.


Candy can be a sweet treat on Valentines Day. Buy to match your partners tastes. Many stores sell specially wrapped Valentines Day goodies in heart-shaped boxes. Sweetheart on a diet? Choose a small box, beautifully presented. Think quality not quantity.


Robert Burns wrote that "My love is like a red, red rose" and roses are the most popular flower to purchase as a gift on Valentines Day. Red roses speak of passionate love while white roses are associated with constancy and faithfulness. But should you buy flowers at all? The price of a bouquet of flowers seem to leap around Valentines Day and you might be wise to spend the money on a more personal gift for your love. If you have made a habit of buying flowers and love tokens throughout the year you might be able to skip flowers on Valentines Day but a bouquet is a beautiful thing and always welcome.

Buying Lingerie

Valentines Day is a day of celebrating the emotional side of romance but depending on the relationship, lingerie can make a beautiful gift. Men are sometimes wary of buying lingerie as a Valentines gift so you might choose to suggest lingerie as a gift. Unless your partner enjoys racy fun you may choose to avoid some of the gimmicky lingerie that is offered around Valentines Day and instead choose something more beautiful and elegant.

For more advice on buying lingerie, see our guide on How to Buy Lingerie for your Wife or Girlfriend.

Dining out on Valentines Day

Many couples choose to make the evening of Valentines Day a date for dinner. This can be very romantic or rather disappointing depending on the venue. The truth is that Valentines Day is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants and many fall into the twin traps of providing a "special" (often limited) menu and squeezing in extra tables to accommodate more diners. The result isn't always conducive to the romantic ambience you had hoped for. Choose your restaurant carefully or celebrate a romantic dinner on some other evening and avoid the crowds.

Making Valentines Day Special

Cards, candy, lingerie, flowers and dining out are all common ways of celebrating Valentines Day. If you plan to do nothing else you should at least indulge in one or more of those, but with a little extra thought you can make Valentines Day much more personal and memorable.

First, if you are going to buy a Valentines Day gift then make it something that your partner will specially appreciate. Is your partner a collector? Try to find a special item to complete their collections. Does your partner long to travel? Book a romantic break and present them with the tickets as a Valentines Day gift.

Celebrate Valentines Day in your own way. Skip the busy restaurants, pack a picnic and go star gazing, re-visit the place you met or re-live one of your first dates.

However you celebrate Valentines Day, to avoid disappointment don't forget to plan. Make this Valentines Day the best ever.


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