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How to Write A Love Letter

Want to write a love letter but don't know where to start? Writing a love letter does not have to be difficult. People sometimes put off writing love letters to their spouse or partner because they don't think they have the words to describe their feelings or because they don't think they are romantic enough.

Don't worry. If you have romantic feelings for your partner and can name even one thing that you love or admire about them then you have what it takes to write a love letter that your partner will treasure forever.

Love letter materials

It doesn't matter how bad you think your handwriting is, a hand-written letter will have twice the impact that a typed letter will have. An email can be romantic but it doesn't have the personal touch of a handwritten and mail-delivered love letter. Remember that a love letter is an expression of your heart in your own words. Only you can write your love letter because only you have those exact feelings.

So hand-write your love letter but you don't have to go crazy with the materials. A love letter does not have to be written with a feather quill on the finest Egyptian parchment . Use quality writing paper with a matching envelope and a pen that is comfortable and writes well. In these days of emails and computer generated sales letters any hand written personal mail is exciting and very welcome.

How to get started on your love letter

The most difficult part of writing your love letter is getting started. Just start with today's date. After all, you are aiming to write something that will become a treasured keepsake and knowing the date it was written will be important.

Next the real start of the letter, their name,. Be personal, if you can't use their first name or a pet name then you probably shouldn't be writing a love letter at all! Whether you start with Dear, Dearest or Darling is your choice but this is a letter and not an email so a little formality is called for. It's not okay to just put their name, you need that Dear or Dearest.

Writing the body of your love letter

Making the start was the hardest part, now you just have to deliver your message of love. It's easy to get stuck at this point, not really knowing how to start. Here's a very simple tip: Write the first thing that comes into your mind and then keep going. Don't worry about what you write, you can make another draft in your best handwriting later. You might start "I wanted to send you a love letter but sitting here I just don't know how to begin..." but that's it, you've begun! Once you start the feelings will just tumble out. Don't try to edit it as you go, let your inner voice have it's say, you can edit it and write out a neater version later.

Tried that and you still don't know what to write? Here are some other tips:

1. Make a list of all the things that you love about your partner. They might be physical attributes like their soft hair, their perfect skin or beautiful eyes. You might think of the things that they say or do that make you laugh. Perhaps it's the way they make you feel.: The comforting way they hold you, how they smell, how you feel on seeing them after time apart. Don't make your letter a laundry list, use the list as inspiration.

2. Be yourself. Don't use flowery language if it's not you. Your partner knows your genuine voice and will appreciate your genuine feelings.

3. Be real about your partner. Don't write about your loves great singing voice if they sound like a foghorn and they know it. Write about the real partner you fell in love with, connect with the things they already know are their best attributes.

4. Write about your shared experiences. Remind your partner of something you did together, some trip or adventure. Write about how it felt and how being with them made you feel.

Finishing your love letter

All good things come to an end, even your love letter. Every love letter is different but if yours is less than a page you might want to expand a little, maybe you are holding back?

You opened your letter formally with Dear, Darling or Dearest but you don't need to close it so formally. Yours Faithfully or Yours Sincerely will look out of place here. Think instead along the lines of "All my love" or "All my love forever" and sign off with your name or pet name.

And don't forget to sign off with some x's.

In summary

The hardest part of writing a love letter is getting started. You already have all these feelings you want to express to your love, you just need to give them an opportunity to come out.

But writing a love letter can be more than an outpouring of your feelings, it can be a personal journey where you discover things about yourself and your relationship that help to make it stronger.

Of course, the biggest reward is the happiness it will bring to your love.


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