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7 Key Dates in Your Romantic Calendar

Do you plan ahead for the important dates in your relationship or do you let them creep up on you and then have to rush out at the last minute to buy cards and gifts? Some people seem to think that planning ahead for birthdays and anniversaries is cheating when in fact the opposite is true. Thinking about your partner, planning for their future happiness is romantic. Being prepared for the big days in your relationship shows greater love and affection than the card and flowers purchased in haste at the midnight quick-e-mart.

So what are the dates in your romantic year that you should plan for?

1. Your Partners Birthday

Forgetting your partners birthday may be the 8th deadly sin, it certainly can be very damaging to the relationship. Unthinkable though it may be we all know someone who forgot their partners birthday with predictably upsetting results. The best way to avoid this happening to you is to plan ahead and if you're really worried you'll mess up it isn't against the spirit of romance to stockpile cards and appropriate gifts in case of such an emergency.

2. (Saint) Valentines Day (14th February)

If you asked ten people in the street which is the most romantic day of the year, nine and half of them would say Valentines Day (statistics can be odd that way). Valentines Day has become the occasion to lavish your partner with love and romantic attention. Add some excitement, pretend your at school again and post some "anonymous" letters to your sweetheart.

3. Your Wedding Anniversary

If you are married you already know that forgetting your wedding anniversary is almost as bad as forgetting a birthday. Don't let that happen to you. Plan a celebration of your wedding day, get out the old album and video, talk about your memories of the big day over champagne or even a slice of the cake kept for just this occasion. Celebrate your anniversary together and strengthen your relationship. Who knows, you might even get to re-enact the wedding night.

4. Yearly Anniversary of Your First Date

Celebrating the anniversary of your first date is a great way to re-live an event that changed the course of your lives If you have been dating for years but have not yet tied the knot, the Anniversary of your firs date should be your equivalent of a Wedding Anniversary. Whether you are married or not, think about celebrating with a visit to the place you met. Take the time to reminisce together about the time you met and where your life together has taken you since.

5. Sweetest Day (3rd Saturday in October)

Not everybody celebrates Sweetest Day but I recommend considering it for your romantic calendar. The story is that Sweetest Day was invented by candy manufacturers in the Midwest as another reason for people to buy candy for their loved ones. Their motivations may not have been romantic but it's a ready made excuse to treat your sweetheart to some candy and affection. Just think of it as the Valentines day of the Winter months.

6. Mothers day (Mothering Sunday)

If you and your partner have children help the kids to celebrate Mothers Day, especially during the early parenting years. Buy the cards and organize the cake. Making Mothers day a special day for your partner shows love and affection (it's Romantic!).

Celebration of Mothers day is nearly universal, almost every culture has some concept of Mothers Day but few agree on when it should be celebrated. In the USA Mothers Day is is the Second Sunday in May. In the United Kingdom Mothering Sunday falls on the Fourth Sunday in Lent (exactly 3 Weeks before Easter Sunday). See wikipedia for a comprehensive list of the dates other countries celebrate Mothers day.

7. Fathers day

In recent years the role of fathers has become more widely acknowledged and many cultures now celebrate Fathers Day. This is a great opportunity to show your partner that you think they are a great Dad. Don't skip it.

Like Mothers Day, Fathers day is celebrated on different dates all over the world. See wikipedia for a full list of dates that fathers day is celebrated.

Your Romantic Calendar

These are just some of the key dates in your romantic calendar, the absolute basics. Every relationship is different and one couple might put more emphasis on one day than on another but it is important to have some agreement on what days are celebrated. Don't get caught out ignoring Sweetest Day if your partner thinks it's more important than Valentines day! Get these dates on your calendar and share the joy of celebrating together, plan ahead and avoid the misery of forgetting one of them!


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