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The Problem

We have the best intentions but somehow the things we should be doing for our partners that let them know how much we care seem to get dropped to the floor while we deal with the rest of the crazy stuff that life throws at us.

Years go by. We manage to remember the big stuff : The birthdays, the anniversaries, Christmas but we're losing out on the small stuff. The love notes, the phone calls, the small gifts that help us connect with our partners and break through the day-to-day.

The solution

Trouble is, so often the small stuff is what really counts in the long run. Turns out the small stuff is the important stuff.

So what can we do? Simple. Get a coach. Get someone to remind us to do the things we wanted to do but just couldn't remember. Then do what the coach tells us until we've made it a habit.

Your romantic coach

AutomaticRomantic can be that coach. It lets you set up romantic reminders and sends them to you on a semi-random basis. Why Semi-Random? Sadly, setting your calendar to remind you to buy flowers every month isn't romantic. Your partner already expects a birthday card, flowers-like-clockwork soon become expected and lose their spontaneous, romantic impact.

Being spontaneous isn't easy, but you can learn it. AutomaticRomantic can help.


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